Excise Tax Advisory in UAE

Excise tax is a form of indirect tax levied on specific goods that are typically harmful to human health or the environment.

Excise Tax in the UAE was initially implemented in the UAE on certain goods with effect from 1st October 2017 through the Excise Tax Federal Decree-Law No. (7) Of 2017. Later, with effect from 1st December 2019 few more products were added to the purview of excise tax vide Cabinet Decision No. 52 of 2019. All Taxable entities are entitled to register for Excise Tax in the UAE through the Federal Tax Authority’s (FTA)’s online portal.Excise Tax shall be applicable on the following

Excise Goods:

  • Tobacco and tobacco products;
  • Carbonated drinks;
  • Energy drinks;
  • Electronic Smoking Devices and Tools;
  • Liquids used in Electronic Smoking Devices and Tools ;
  • Sweetened Drinks.

Excise Tax Advisory (Key Points)

  • Excise Tax Registration
  • Excise Tax Return Filing

The Excise tax shall be imposed on the following activities related to Excise Goods:

  1. Production of Excise Goods in the State
  2. Import of Excise Goods.
  3. Release of Excise Goods from a Designated Zone.
  4. Stockpiling of Excise Goods in the State, where such Stockpiling was in the course of doing business.

The UAE cabinet has approved the list of administrative penalties that will be imposed on businesses for violations of the Excise tax laws.

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Our Major Excise Tax Services include the following:

  • Determining Implication, scope, and applicability- Impact and applicability analysis
  • Excise Tax registration and deregistration
  • Excise Tax stock audit at the year-end
  • Excise tax audit
  • Advice on stock/inventory counting and duty calculation
  • Advice on stockpilers